2 in 1 Cat scratcher




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This cat scratcher consists of 2 cardboards in different shapes. The curves make for easier scratching & a more comfortable natural lounge scratcher place to rest & play. Naturally attracts cats. It is like a cats’ house, cats’ bed and cats’ playground.

  • Large Scratcher : 44.5 x 22.8 x 18.2cm, small scratcher: 34.8 x 22.8 x 13.3 cm
  • Black & white base color with stylish cat patterns, Non-toxic corn starch glue. And it is highly recommended to save your furniture as cats prefer the feel of cardboard more.
  • Increase surface area easily by taking out the second inserted board. Merged together for easily storage and space saving. Create your own placement of 2 cardboards to accommodate your one cat or two cats’ need.
  • It is made of 100% recycled organic cardboard with dense corrugated paper, durable construction and ultra-stable and safe.


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