Cat Food Dispensing Ball Tumbler Feeder Ball


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  • Attractive dispensing ball, 2 brightly colored balls on the rotating track in the middle waist, a windmill propeller on top can attract your kitten’s attention.
  • The food comes out from the bottom hole when your cat plays with the ball. The slow down feeding way is beneficial to your cat’s health. It helps increase your cat’s IQ by understanding the usage. You can close both leaking holes, choose only one or two to open.
  • Made of non-toxic, anti-scratch, and anti-bite TPR and ABS material, which is totally safe for your cat.
  • Great way to help your cat get active with much needed daily exercise and excitement.
  • Gently push the food ball back and forth, no matter how the cat play will not let the toy dump, increase the cat’s interest in play and improve the cat’s pleasure. 

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turquoise, yellow, pink, green


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