KING STAR Fresh Crystal Cat Liter 10Liters


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KING STAR Fresh Crystal Cat Liter 10Liters .
These unique little beads contain thousands of microscopic pores and have a neutral odour. Since they are non-toxic, it is completely safe even if ingested by a cat.
📌 Economic & Cheap Consumption- Due to super absorbency and long time utility. It assures a cheap consumption in comparison to the traditional litters.
📌 High Absorbency & Odor control- The millions of microscopic pores in each grains can rapidly soak up liquids just like sponge. Odors and impurities and trapped inside.
📌 No tracking & Dust free- It does not stick to the fur and paws of your cat, and it has no dust to irritate the eyes and nose of your cat.
📌 100 % Natural & Safe- It is 100 % Natural, Biodegradable, non toxic and Environmental friendly.

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