Monello Select Dog Chicken and Rice Flavor


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High performance food that exclusively uses chicken as an animal protein source, providing high digestibility and helping to maintain the musculature. Without addition of colorings and artificial flavorings, with reduction of the sodium content and contain antioxidant complex that promotes longevity of your dog. In addition, it has prebiotic collection and Yucca schidigera that act the intestinal level, improving an absorption of nutrients and reducing the odor of feces.


Crude Protein    (min.) 240g/kg (24%)
Crude fat    (min.) 120g/kg (12%)
Crude fiber    (máx.) 30g/kg (3%)
Ash    (max.) 90g/kg (9%)
Calcium    (min. / max.) 10g/kg – 22g/kg (1.0- 2.2%)
Phosphorus    (min. / max.) 8000mg/kg -16g/kg (0.8 -1.6%)
Sodium    (min.) 1200mg/kg (0.12%)
Linolenic acid    2200mg/kg (0.22%)
Linoleic acid    30g/kg (3%)
Saponin    (min.) 12mg/kg
Mannan oligosaccharides   (min.) 240mg/kg
Beta-glucans    (min.) 600mg/kg
Vitamin E    (min.) 200UI/kg
Vitamin C    (min.) 100mg/kg
Zinc    (min.) 130mg/kg
Selenium    (min.) 0.3mg/kg
Potassium    (min.) 5000mg/kg
Moisture    (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Metabolizable Energy 3700kcal/kg

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