Stainless Steel Pet Bowl With Anti-Slip Rubber


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  • Stainless steel trough with anti-slip rubber on the base.
  • Useful as a feeder or as a drinking fountain. Being of stainless steel has a long duration and also perfectly keeps food and water.
  • This material also allows easy cleaning and dry by hand,  the rubber ring at the bottom can be easily removed without any trouble to you.
  • The bottom of the cat food bowl is made of antiskid rubber. The bowl prevents pets from sliding when they eat and from scratching the floor.
  • They can make the cat easily get food, prevent the cat from fatigue and keep the face clean. 
  • Cat bowl (also dog bowl) is made of stainless steel, non-toxic, tasteless, rust resistant and non allergic. Compared with plastic, it is more environmentally friendly, anti falling, anti-virus and protects the diet of small animals. Suitable for wet food (canned food), cat / Pet dry food, multi-functional cat food bowl and cat water bowl.
  • Available Sizes:#1- 18 cm, #2- 22 cm, #3- 26cm

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18cm, 22cm, 26cm


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