yzhtbrush Dog/Cat Nail Clippers and Nail Trimmer- Nail File




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  • These stainless steel pet nail clippers come with a built in, adjustable, safety switch,Simply press the button near blade to release clippers, and start clipping nails, with the guard there to protect your pet’s nails. Designed with stainless steel frame, there pet nail clippers are comfortable to hold, safe and convenient to use. 
  • The sharp pro-grade blade clippers work for dogs, cats or bunnies of any size .Whether you want small nail clippers for cats, or a large nail clippers for dogs, we have you covered. Comes with nail files, use them after trimming to prevent scratches and protect your skin 
  • Stainless steel base, comfortable grips, these durable nail clippers are built to last. These are high-end dog and cat nail clippers and we guarantee them for life.


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